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Most of our meat products are vacuum pack sealed for you for a longer fridge life.

All our Beef is Grass Fed and finished. Grain fed can be available on occasion.

The Meat Chiller has a wide variety of meat products including Beef, Pork, Lamb, Free Range Chicken and a vast selection of smallgoods plus dairy, including many types of cheeses & butter, Dry goods are available depending on what we can source, frozen goods including prawns, veggie burgers, potato cakes & more.

We also have our homemade pies and sausage rolls in the freezer section (when possible).

Come and check it out.

But don't forget your jacket!

Our products are high quality but affordable.
Maintaining customer satisfaction as your local meat supplier is extremely important at The Meat Chiller, which is why we make sure to offer incredible services as well as amazing products.



The Meat Chiller offers outstanding premium GRASS FED beef. Sliced or full pieces.

On occasion we have grain fed beef. Wagyu beef also available

when possible.

Our beef is top quality and the taste is outstanding.


All our beef is Australian.

Pork Rack


We offer a wide variety of top quality pork including fillets, racks, legs, belly and loins just to name a few.

Our pork is juicy and delicious.

Our pork is mostly sourced from Victoria.​

Chicken Breast Fillet Skin-On


Our free range chicken comes in fresh daily & sold straight to you. We now only stock

Free Range chicken.

Free range eggs also available.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our chicken & guarantee quality.



At The Meat Chiller we have a wide range of quality lamb cuts to choose from, including cutlets, back straps, racks, legs, shoulder, fillets, loin chops and more.

All our lamb is Australian.

More about our products


We do prefer to have fresh produce but we also offer a range of quality frozen food.

Including but not limited to prawns, kievs, chicken schnitzels, potato cakes

& much more.

Homemade Pies


We cook our pies and sausage rolls onsite!​

Everything is cooked from scratch by our staff with our Rational oven.


​ There are  delicious pies & sausage rolls available in the freezer section (whenever possible).



We are family owned and run.

We pride ourselves on our great and helpful butchers and our great customer service team.

Our staff know their stuff, and they can assist you with pretty much all you need to know about our products.



We have a large range of smallgoods at The Meat Chiller for all your needs.

We offer salami, ham, prosciutto, pancetta, Australian bacon, kabana, smoked hocks and more.

We stock all Australian smallgoods whenever available.

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